You don't have to travel too far from the Tri-State to find these odd roadside finds! 

World's Largest Ball of Paint (YouTube)
World's Largest Ball of Paint (YouTube)

Indiana's old slogan was "The Crossroads of America" which is a nice way of saying "a lot of people drive through our state."  But along those "crossroads" there's some odd roadside finds.  Here's 5 that are within a small drive from the Tri-State!

1) Birdhouse Paradise - Loogootee Indiana

Bill Larkin of Loogootee started making some colorful birdhouses just to add some color to  his town. Now hundreds of birdhouses later, Bill's home might just be one of the most colorful places on earth!


2) Shoe Tree- Milltown Indiana

Well. It's a tree and over the years people have thrown hundreds of pairs of shoes onto it. Does it bring you luck?  Maybe.  But this tree is definitely an interesting stop if you want to take a bit of a detour from the beaten path!


3) World's Largest Ball of Paint- Alexandria Indiana

This is a world record holding ball of paint. It was originally a baseball, and now it's a massive 2.5 ton ball of paint! If you make an appointment you can even add a coat of paint to the ball!

4) The Big Peach - Bruceville Indiana

The Big Peach is a family owned farm market opened from May-October. Fresh produce, ice cream, and not to mention photo ops with the big peach!

5) The Grotto of Geodes- Jasper Indiana

The Grotto of Geodes is one of the top tourist attractions in Dubois county, and the story behind it, is pretty incredible. It was constructed over 10 years on the grounds of Cathedral Health Care.  It was the idea of Father Phillip Ottavi, an Italian immigrant who was inspired by the religious grottoes in Europe.  Geodes are abundant in southern Indiana, so Jasper was a smart location to build Grotto of Geodes! Read more about the interesting history of the Grotto of Geodes, here.






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