I've been talking about all sorts of food lately.  Thank goodness I'm never hungry, I'd be eating food all day long while writing these.

We've went over many different foods we can find in Rockford.  From cheese curds to burgers to cheese fries, I figured we'd branch off into a different direction today.  Anybody craving tacos?

I'm looking for some delicious tacos in the Rockford area.  Yeah, I could just get Taco Bell, but that defeats the purpose!  I want to find the best of the best around.  After taking it to Facebook, I think I got the results I was looking for - you're all appreciated for helping me out!


#1: Guanajuato  519 Marchesano Dr, Rockford

Coming in with the most likes on the Facebook post, Guanajuato tops them all!  They're a Mexican restaurant and grocery store.

Google Maps
Google Maps

#2: El Molcajete - 409 South State St, Belvidere

"Family Owned and Operated Restaurant. Serving the Good Folks of Belvidere Since 1994."  I loveee onion, so theirs definitely are winners in my eyes.

#3: Olivo Taco - 330 College Ave, Rockford

You can find their food trucks all around Rockford or go to their newest storefront on College Avenue!

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#4: Mexico Clasico3929 Broadway, Rockford

I've heard from my coworker, Dave, that Mexico Clasico is the absolute best.  He easily goes here at least twice a week.. maybe more on the weekends.

#5: Cantina Taco - 6342 E. Riverside Blvd., Loves Park

Just an FYI... they're hiring!  If you love food and local businesses, this might be your sign!  They have great burritos, too.  I used to eat here for lunch every week!

#6: El Burrito Loco 2430 Auburn St Rockford

I'm totally guilty of being one of their frequent customers.  I crave tacos so often haha.  My DoorDash history is all El Burrito Loco, no joke.

And my favorite comment of the night:

"I don't eat tacos unless I make them or better yet my moms. She makes her own tortillas. I used to take orders on Thursday and deliver on Fridays at Hennig. No other place can compare to moms food."


There were plenty of other taco joints people mentioned, but these are just the top 6 most liked suggestions!  Find out where you can find more tacos around the Rockford area on our Facebook post.

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