The number one rule that people are looking at is the new catch rule.

The NFL approved 7 new rules on Tuesday that could change the game.

The two rules that are really being talked about are:

1. A booth referee can eject players for a "non-football act" committed on the field during a foul. AKA: If there is a foul during a play that needs to be checked by the replay booth, and the officials viewing the replay see another player committing unsportsmanlike conduct, they can inform the on-field officials to eject said player for that offense.

2. The new catch rule.

This is the one that is being most talked about. Mainly because some people are still confused about it. But the new "catch" rule is that the ball has to be caught (by one hand or two), and 2 feet, or another body part (hand, elbow, knee, etc.) is on the ground. Which makes it easier to constitute something as a fair catch, BUT that means you have to be conscious of your hold on the ball when you go to the ground. If you fall and the ball pops out that is no longer an "incomplete pass", that's a fumble and it's fair game.

Check out all the new rules instated below by the NFL.

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