Usually, when I chat with Matt Eckert, the topic is Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, which makes sense, since he is the President. But, Matt is also a very proud dad. His daughter, Abby, is a senior at Forest Park, and she just so happens to be the only girl on the football team! Abby has been playing on the football team for the past 2 years. Not only does she play football, Abby is also on the soccer team, and she tutors younger students. I had to get Matt's thoughts on what she's accomplished in 2 years, "This has been a fantastic two years watching Abby on her journey. I am so incredibly proud that she has stepped up to show that there are no barriers on what someone can do if it is truly something they want. I hope that this sends a message to all kids in the area that they should never let their abilities be defined by others. I never thought I would have a DAUGHTER that played football, but can proudly say I do. I even had a shirt made that says "My Favorite Football Player Kicks like a GIRL!"

Photo: Tonya Eckert