This Wisconsin family farm, has perfected the "Corn Maze" on this 100 year old farm. LoveWi


How do you explain a "Corn Maze" to someone not from the Midwest/Northern Illinois? This type of thinking was overheard years ago with this family decided to build a maze on their property...

"We’re paying $6 to walk in someone’s cornfield? No way. No one’s ever going to do this." - Alan Treinen

Well they do and keep doing it...This "Corn Maze" is something special and the history, the hard work and the family values that go into this make it one of a kind.


Treinen Farm in Columbia County, Wisconsin is your end all, be all corn maze. This family first started back in 2001 and they construct a DIFFERENT ONE EACH YEAR!

Angie Lathrop, Alan's wife, eventually had to quit practicing veterinary medicine because their maze became a full-time business. Part of her responsibilities is to design and draw a diff maze each year, and these designs are crazy good!

"Every year it’s different. We’ve done Greek mythology, we’ve done Aesop’s fables, we designed a unicorn maze.  In 2020 I had an idea I was excited about." - Angie Lathrop

She began designing a wolf themed maze prior to the pandemic, but that obviously didn't happen.


You can get more info, directions, hours of operation for Treiner Farms by CLICKING HERE. Road trip people this is ridiculous!

Here's a video tour of the Treiner Farms and drone footage of the amazing mazes.

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