Halloween is coming and Rockford is ready! Driving around this time of year is a blast...Where can the biggest ghost in Rockford be found? Guess what, I found it!

While driving to work about a week ago, I couldn't believe my eyes...I've seen the LARGEST GHOST EVER IN ROCKFORD HISTORY. O.K. so maybe that isn't fact or truth, or anything of substance but I saw a HUGE ghost.

So here's the deal, on Spring Creek heading east after that wicked roundabout, you will find this guy:

Jon Schulz
Jon Schulz

Holy crap that's big! It's right at a four way stop, on your right hand side...So you can take a picture if you time to light correctly. This guy is huge, and he's surrounded by frightful friends.

Know what else is scary about this, check out that pavement and check out your bill from your favorite auto shop when they have to replace your shocks and struts! Ahhhhh!!!

By the way, what's up with the giant ghost's buddy about to attack the repair man that just showed up as I took the picture? I feel guilty like a should have yelled out my window at the repair guy..."Hey dude, there's a creepy zombie guy staring at you from above, watch out!" Hopefully he survived the cable install.

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Is this the LARGEST GHOST IN ROCKFORD??? If you have seen bigger, send it to me! Captain.Jack@townsquaremedia.com Happy Halloween!

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