Pennies that were minted between 1909 and 1956 are called "wheat pennies" because of the wheatheads featured on the back.

They still circulate.

My dad collected them and every time anyone in my family came across one, we'd save them for him.

I still hang on to them today, even though Dad's been gone 14 years.

I now believe that is a VERY smart practice since we've learned that there's a penny out there that could be worth more than $85,000, according to CoinTrackers.

The online coin appraiser says the 1943 copper wheat penny has no mint mark and is worth just over $60,000 in AVERAGE condition.

If it's in mint condition (and let's be honest...a 76-year-old penny in mint condition might be too much to ask, but still...), we're talking well north of $85,000.

Now, here's the deal. CoinTrackers is saying up front that this is an incredibly rare penny since there were only a few 1943s minted, and by mistake, because of the war.

But I look at it this way. It's a penny that is currently circulating. And I'm holding one right now that was minted in 1973. And while it may not be a RARE penny, no one else on Earth has it. I do.

Yeah, that's "glass half-full" type stuff, but why NOT look at it that way.

Watch for wheat pennies from 1943 and good luck.


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