Let's visit another abandoned location, this time it comes with treats!


We visit the small town on Alton, Illinois and our gracious tour guide "Tattoo Tony" does a fine job. Tattoo Tony finds an abandoned home, and the weird gets weirder. The collection of of hub caps is one thing...But the rest is a trip. Haunted perhaps? You be the judge! The decorating is spooky for sure.


Check out this description from Tattoo Tony

"Explore this tiny abandoned house left full of stuff and untouched. We found coolers full of rotten hot dogs and someone thought hanging vintage hubcaps on the wall was good decorating taste. It probably is cool! Located in a historic river town and dying rust belt town Alton Illinois is one of America’s most haunted small towns. Enjoy the adventure we explore haunted ghost towns and go on tons of urbex adventures. Urbex gone wrong, shocking finds and dangerous places is our forte."


Now Alton, Illinois does have a ghost filled haunted history...So you wonder with how damn weird this place is, what is real and what is not. If you watch the way this video is filmed, you do catch shadows and movement that is...weird.



But lets get down to business, what's up with the cooler of rotten hot dogs? Could that be the worst looking and smelling thing...ever?


Enjoy the video tour of this creepy, Alton Illinois house. The cooler of rotten hot dogs though...yuck!

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