I took a little trip to Tennessee over the weekend to see a friend and join some more friends for dinner. I had no idea what I was getting into, but what a thrill. Sometimes the most simple recipes can blow your mind and your taste buds away. The roast chicken I had at Adele's was delicious!

Okay, let me set this up. My friends just didn't want to go anywhere for dinner. I was told one was a foodie, so she knew the best places. I discovered there's a newer section between Music Row and downtown Nashville called The Gulch. Adele's is housed in an old garage; it's simple, clean, it has outdoor dining space. When we got the menus, I noticed the initials "JW" on a few items. JW is James Beard award-winning chef Jonathan Waxman. I was instantly starstruck. I've seen him on countless cooking shows and on 'Top Chef Masters'. He opened Adele's, it's named after his late mother, in June of 2014. His roast chicken with salsa verde recipe is legendary and I am here to testify, it's unbelievable. Here he is preparing it as well as his famous JW potatoes, which were also very yummy.

I may never look at chicken the same way again. I'm still drooling.

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