I was born a blonde. I'll (hopefully) die a blonde. Somewhere in the middle, my once bright, glistening blond turned into a dirty strawberry blond. When I was 18 and headed to college, I took matters into my own hands and bleached the brass right out of it. At one point, it was clear. Yeah, I had clear hair. Luckily, my hair is made from spider webs and steel so it took the abuse fairly well. In my adult years, I've let a professional handle the bleaching and coloring. Yes, in the past few years I've done highlights AND lowlights. A contradiction as it probably looks as close to my real hair color as it will get. I pay big bucks for this... I don't know what I'm thinking! Recently, when I scheduled my quarterly hair color, my stylist had to cancel indefinitely because of a very big family emergency. I was left with two choices: find a new stylist (NOPE) or let it grow out. So, I decided to let my dirty strawberry blond strands come through. I was relieved to find out that the grown out, "melted" look is in. So, yeah, let's call it that!

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But, in all honesty, I'm kind of excited about growing out my roots. I've been noticing actresses who have a similar hair color and I keep fantasizing about how mine will look and feel when it isn't processed. Check out Melissa Benoist's cut and color. Supergirl is my new obsession! Who would have thought after seventeen years of bleach, I'd finally learn to embrace my roots?! #adulting I'm really hoping my stylist will soon be back at it because as much as I want the natural to shine through, I still need that trim! Ha! So, what's your hair schedule? Do you get yours "done" or are you au' naturel?

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