In 2015, running back Damien Harris was a five-star recruit coming out of Berea, Kentucky and UK football fans felt good about Harris choosing the Wildcats as his team.

They shouldn't have since Alabama wanted him and in college football, if Alabama wants you, Alabama typically gets you.

Harris chose the Tide.

So it was interesting to me when he posted a mildly trash-talking tweet about the upcoming Alabama/UK gamed in Tuscaloosa--Kentucky's first visit to Bryant-Denney Stadium in eight years.

I'd embed the tweet but he took it down.

Click here to see it.

So, yeah, it's nothing earth-shattering. Pretty harmless, really, considering some of the tweets SOME people put out there.

But why post it?

It's not like Kentucky turned Harris down (they absolutely NEVER would have). So it's not like the freshman should feel he has something to prove to a team that "snubbed" him.

It's just odd.