A few Kentucky Lake visitors got the surprise of their life over Memorial Day Weekend when they discovered an alligator in the water.

Boaters near the water say the gator was seen near the paddle boat area at Kentucky Lake in Marshall County.

According to Kentucky Sports Radio;

 Officials believe the alligator was dumped at the lake by someone who kept it as a pet. Kentucky law forbids the transportation of alligators, who are not native to the state and cannot survive in water colder than 40 degrees. According to WBKO, in January 2018, an alligator was found dead in the Cumberland River in Harlan County, and in 2015, a three-foot gator was found living in Skaggs Creek near Barren River Lake.

Unfortunately, the gator did not make it.  It is believed that it was hit by a boat and injured.

In 2018, in Ballard County a four-foot alligator was found by Chris Drummond and his grandson as they were out in the woods.  They did not catch the alligator but they were able to get a picture before it got away.

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Snakes in Kentucky

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