Do you remember Chance The Snapper, the famous alligator from Illinois... here's an update.

Alligator in the water

The Story Of Chance The Snapper?

Remember back to the summer of 2019 when the biggest news story in Illinois was about an alligator living in the lake of a Chicago park. We never got the real story of how it ended up there but most likely someone got the animal for a pet and couldn't take care of it. The overwhelmed owner dumped it off in a local pond and hoped nature would take its course.

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After reports of an alligator being sighted in the Humboldt Park Lagoon. Wildlife officials in the Windy City tried unsuccessfully to capture the beast. After a week of failure and concern for the safety of residents, they called in an expert. A professional alligator trapper from Florida was hired for the job. He was able to catch the animals within a few hours.

An alligator in Lake Charles, La.
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The local media was going wild for the whole ordeal. In fact, news agencies across the country were even covering the story. Everyone was following the updates closely. The alligator got so popular, that they even gave it a name, "Chance The Snapper." It was from one of Chicago's favorite celebrities, "Chance The Rapper."

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Where Is He Now, Chance The Snapper?

After Chance The Snapper was captured, the wildlife expert took him to Saint Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida. There, the famous animal has been living its best life. Recently, we got an update on Chicago's favorite gator.


According to,

Frank Robb, the alligator-trapper who caught Chance, recently shared new video from Saint Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida.


Robb says Chance is now over 6'4" long, more than foot bigger than he was three years ago.


Chance also packed on a lot of muscle just in time for beach season.

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