Talk about incredible! This is a video talking about how simple it would be to attach a release system to an airplane that detaches the passenger section so they can float down to earth in the event of a mid air catastrophe.  It's interesting and it looks like it would work.

Here it is in a nutshell.  Something happens to the plane while in flight and it is going to crash.  ATC and the pilots anticipate lots of causalities and are currently unaware of where the plane will crash.  AH but there is a new little button in the cockpit.  This button releases the back half of the plane just below the wings and all the passengers float down to the ground or water with six parachutes to slow them down.


Well what if the pilot accidentally hits the button while he is getting up to go to the bathroom?  Then he opens the door and there is nothing on the other side of it.  He no longer has to go to the bathroom.

Also no word on the fate of the pilots once the rear of the plane is detached.  They may be expected to stick with the plane and attempt to regain control of the plane which could help even more.

I think this is a good idea!!  It could save thousands of people each year from plane crashes.

Check it out

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