When 37 Owensboro Catholic High students and 10 chaperones headed to the March of Life in Washington D.C. they probably never thought they'd experience life so fully.

Yesterday, around 6:30 p.m. the group became stranded on I-76 because of winter storm Jonas that's pounding the eastern part of the United States. They were leaving Washington D.C. and were headed to Pennsylvania.

Because of two semis on the interstate that are blocking motorists, hundreds are trapped along with them. But, the bus the group is traveling on is equipped with light snacks, water, heat and best of all, a bathroom. And, many are taking refuge and enjoying the hospitality that we all know Owensboro residents are famous for and NBC News took note.

We are happy to report that it looks like the kids are MOVING!! The video goes a little fast but there's a lot of screaming so we assume they are headed out or are at least that much closer! Here's a video from the bus!

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