Angel Here!  My oldest son Parker turns 15 years old today and this momma is all in her feelings (WHO'S SURPRISED!)  I want to share with you all what I will call my miracle child-->I remember it like it was yesterday.  Twenty Two Years old finishing up my last year of college and 28 weeks pregnant.  Way too early to go into labor!  However, my Parker Kennedy decided it was his time to enter the world.  Not knowing I was in labor I drove myself to the hospital and checked myself in only to find out half an hour later my whole life was about to change.

Angel Welsh

38 hours of labor later I stared into the eyes of the tiniest, most gorgeous, blue eyed, dark fuzzy headed baby boy I had ever seen.  I couldn't hold him.  I touched him through two tiny holes in an incubator and I sobbed as they wheeled him out the hospital room door and into the ambulance to be rushed to St. Mary's in Evansville.

Three long months of driving back and forth, praying daily, and hoping my boy would be strong enough to come home on or before his original due date!  Parker has always been a fighter.  He is stubborn, strong willed, completely impatient, and would argue with me about the color of the sky on any given day.  He is also kind, loving, super fix it handy, musically talented, helpful, super intelligent, and always willing to give someone else a hand up.

His life has defied all odds not only almost losing him once but twice before he was 3.  We had a near drowning accident with him at age 3.  He fell in a pool and no one was outside.  I had to perform CPR on him and thankfully the good Lord had better placed plans.


Parker's life journey has not been an easy one.  I'm not sure there are many kids that could handle what he has been through from the start but he has taken it like a champ and I admire him.  I love him more than he will ever know and am probably harder on him than I am my other kids because I know his potential and all he is capable of being for himself and others.

On one hand he drives me up a wall and on the other he is the biggest blessing any mother could ask for.  He challenges me and I know even though I am definitely not the favorite parent (he is all about his dad) I know he loves me.  I am the first one he calls when he something needs to be taken care of or he is sick.  We have a bond not many understand.

Today I celebrate my first born, my baby boy, the one who made me a momma first.  Happiest of Birthdays Parker Kennedy Freels, you have made life a wild roller coaster ride that I would stand in line for hours to do over and over again an infinite number of times.  MOM LOVES YOU!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  


P.S. Girls he's single AND STAYING THAT WAY LOL!