Throughout history, there have been times when images will appear to us. Many times the visions will appear in the sky. These heavenly images are both incredible and strange. We often see what we want to see and therefore the explanation reflects our own needs and individual spirituality.

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I have traveled that Indiana HWY 41 more times than I can count. As a child, traveling North on 41 meant we were headed home from vacation. When I was a young mother, it meant I was going home, with my kids, to visit my mom and dad. Now, it means I am super happy and on the way to visit my granddaughter, my two oldest kids, my sister, nieces, and my sweet dad.

My work keeps me very busy, so I don't travel on HWY 41 very much at all. It's once a month at most. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed something on the side of an Indiana Highway Department gravel storage dome. It got my attention because it was huge on the side facing us as we drove by. To me, it looked like an angel or the Blessed Mother with her arms stretched out. I know it was probably just the sun’s reflection on the outer wall of the dome, but it looked like so much more.

The visual gave me peace.

See what you think.

Did An Angel Appear On The Side Of A Dome Building On HWY 41?


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