Angel here.  I am a Deer Hunter's wife.  I want to speak out to other wives like myself about some things I have learned over the years.  I have also included some advice for the men.

When I met Joe all those years ago there were two things he was passionate about:  his belief in Christ and how much he loved to hunt and fish.

The first year we dated he didn't hunt a whole lot.  Let's face it we were still in the honeymoon stage and he wanted to spend pretty much every waking moment with me LOL.

After we got married he cranked up the hunting obsession to about an 8 on a scale of 1-5 and I learned all things in preparation for getting a big buck;  beans, corn, cameras, persistence, and patience.  I even planned a surprise date around prepping his land.

I have learned a lot about my husband as a hunter.  He is dedicated.  He is definitely not a morning person but can be when needed, he is like a child on Christmas morning checking his deer cams, and the time in the woods is therapeutic to him as much as shopping, working out, or just taking a nap is to me.  He is appreciative that he gets that time in the trees.

Honestly, I love seeing the end result from each year.  It is an investment for our family.  We all love looking at the deer cam pics when they come in, the boys love getting to hop in the stand with Joe it is a bonding experience for them and he has taken all my boys, and I especially love the smile on my husband's face when he finally succeeds.

I know not all marriages are like this. I hit the husband lottery with Joe but I think that as wives if we invest more, we might see a big harvest of our own.   Encourage your husbands, be excited for them, and enjoy your time alone!

Now, husbands remember, it is also a sacrifice for us.  You spend tons of time away from us, lots of hours in the stand, and often you come home only to check your deer cameras and not check out our new outfit or the fact that we have herded the children, the laundry, and kept our home intact while you sat in peace.  Be attentive and intentional to your wife just as you are to those deer.  And most important as being patient with your wife on the daily as you are when you are sitting in the stand for the 14th day with no luck.

Just as it takes a village to raise children it takes the whole family to raise a deer hunter.  A supportive, loving, understanding and patient family.  I won't promise there won't be frustration, crazy, chaos, and all other sorts of things go on but this too is a season and shall pass.

I also know that women hunt  I think it's awesome.  If your wife hunts and it's not your thing the same rules apply people.  If you both do AMAZING.

Now I wouldn't share all of this and not proudly share Joe's 2019 deer:

Josh Profitt
Josh Profitt
Josh Profitt

On a side note, I still don't understand how he can pose like that with a deer and our family pictures are like pulling teeth.  I guess you can't win them all.  I think I'll put on some antlers and a tail and see what happens.

PROUD OF YOU BABY.  I guess I better make some more room on the wall.