An apartment in Illinois was seriously damaged after a deer broke in.

Deer In Illinois Are Getting Into Trouble

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For being such majestic animals, deer can get themselves into mischief. Of course, Illinois drivers have to be very careful driving in rural areas during the night because of deer running into the road. I have also noticed a lot of stories lately about deer getting into buildings and causing some serious damage. Plus, they are big and strong so they are difficult to move. The animals are easily startled so they can go off at the drop of a hat and trash a place quickly.

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Illinois Deer Breaks Into Apartment & Destroys It

Deer Breaks Into Illinois Apartment And Causes Major Damage

The police department in Dixon got a very strange call from some residents. There was an unwanted guest in their apartment that wouldn't leave. It was also destroying the place. The suspect was a wild beast, specifically a deer. They've got a few disturbance calls through the years involving animals like cats, dogs, and etc but never a deer.

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Close up of a White Tail Deer buck with full antlers crossing a country road
Illinois Deer Breaks Into Apartment & Destroys It

The residents of the apartment were out for the evening. When they returned home later that night, there was a wild deer going crazy in their apartment. It had broken through a window to get in. Police believe it was looking for food. When the police arrived, one of the officers grabbed the animal by the neck. It began kicking. He was able to wrestle it to the door to send it on its way. Don't worry, the deer wasn't injured.

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Deer Crossing Road,washington state
Illinois Deer Breaks Into Apartment & Destroys It

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