Angel here!  This was a day I have been on the fence about for a while now.  I am both happy and sad that my last baby boy is heading off to school.  It all seems to go so fast after this.

My son, Tuck, started his first day of Kindergarten yesterday and I am pretty sure it was a lot harder on me than it was him.  He was pumped to be going to a brand new school, to make new friends, and most of all to take his lunch!

He told me the night before school started he wanted to be a policeman so he could arrest people!  He obviously has a little more work to do before then!

We are very excited that he has Mrs. Tiffany Hoffman as a teacher.  She is awesome and I've known her since I was a kid myself.  He really likes her!

This year is going to be full of adventures, fun stories, and lots more and I will be sharing it will all of you all!

Angel Welsh

Charlotte was super proud of her big brother going to school.  Now she wants to go to school too!  This momma isn't ready for that!