Fans of Superman gather in a small Illinois town each summer to celebrate their favorite hero.

One Of The Most Popular Super Heros Of All Time

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Super Heros. I watched the TV shows, went to the movies, read the comic books, and played with the toys. That was pretty much my childhood. One of my favorites was Superman.

I think Superman was at the top of my list because he was the one most visible. There were the Christopher Reeve movies, which were awesome. TV channels played reruns of the old live-action show and cartoons. I got a Superman action figure from Santa for Christmas one year. Of course, I had a Superman t-shirt too.

Illinois Has A History With Superman

There is a town in Illinois named Metropolis. In the story of Superman, he lives in a city called Metropolis.

Nicolas Cage Superman Costume

According to, 

This All-American town has been a must-visit destination for Superman fans since being authorized by National Periodicals (D.C. Comics) to be known as the adopted "Home of Superman" in January 1972.

Festival Celebrates Superman

Since Superman is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, it just makes sense to have a festival to celebrate this hero. Of course, his adopted hometown of Metropolis, Illinois is the perfect location.

This year, the Superman Celebration is being held from June 10th through the 12th. It will include celebrity stars of Superman-related shows and movies, vendors, artists, writers, games, trivia contests, giveaways, 5K, meet and greets, photo opportunities, a bike ride, special guests, and so much more.

According to Facebook Event Page,

2022 Celebrity Guests include Smallville Stars: Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum as well as the voice of Clark Kent/Superman on the Cartoon Network's Justice League, George Newbern.

For more info, HERE.

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