It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a headless Superman statue! Or is it?!

Off With His Head

A recent post on Facebook has gone viral, claiming that a larger-than-life statue of Superman has lost its head due to high winds. The post, made by 'Metropolis Illinois News' even includes a photo of the headless statue standing in Metropolis, Illinois. You can keep scrolling to see the post, which reads,

It is confirmed that the wind today blew off Superman's head.
Maintenance crews are asking the general public to avoid the area, as they work fervently into the night to reattach.

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Metropolis Illinois News via Facebook

Satire and Parody

That post has been shared more than 16,000 times and has garnered nearly 2,000 comments and over 1700 reactions. However, as it turns out, it is all a hoax and Superman's head is perfectly intact and attached to his body. According to the Super Museum, which is home to the largest collection of Superman memorabilia, the missing head post is nothing more than fake news. They shared:

Hey guys, this is a local SATIRE page someone made just for jokes.
Please have no fear...Superman is still here...head attached, standing strong and tall through all the wind gusts! If you need to see for yourself be sure to check out the Super Museum and Hidden Gems Novelty and Collectibles while you're here!

More on the Super Museum and Metropolis

The Super Museum is located at 517 Market Street in Metropolis, Illinois, and just across the street is where you will find the 15-foot-tall statue of Superman that weighs 4,000 pounds. The monolith was built in Metropolis in 1993. The city itself is a mecca for all things Superman. According to its website,

This All-American town has been a must visit destination for Superman fans since being authorized by National Periodicals (D.C. Comics) to be known as the adopted "Home of Superman" in January 1972.  Metropolis has become more than a comic fan Mecca.  With world-renown events that celebrate the history, hunting and yes, Superman; as well as, an action packed casino  and outdoor wonders that take you through the Shawnee National Forest or even under water through a Boeing 727 Airplane, Metropolis is a town that has been added to many bucket lists!

Justin Brock-Jones

Superman Celebration

In its 45th year, the annual Superman Celebration will be taking place in Metropolis as throngs of superhero fans converge on the city to celebrate Superman and many of the other characters from the DC universe. My good friends Dawn and Justin, and their little guy, Dalton, can be seen in the photo above taking part in the 44th Annual Superman Celebration. Learn more about the annual event here.

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