We check our phones 80 times a day! That's an average of every 12 minutes. Again, that's just the average, some of us (Yes, me) probably check our devises even more times than that everyday.

We all know that our phones distract us from everyday life. Sometimes, it's on purpose, but other times, it's out of habit. Now there's an app that could help with that. Yes, an app, on your phone, to remind you to get off of your phone.

Moment is a free app, with optional in-app upgrades, that will keep your phone from stealing your time.

From the creator of the app:

Moment gives you back that time. Through short, daily exercises provided through Moment Coach, we help you use your phone in a healthy way so that you can be present for the parts of life that matter most.

And it works. So far, Moment has given time back to over 7 million users. Those who subscribe to Moment Coach gain an hour back each day by following simple strategies designed to help them re-imagine their relationship with their phone.

Moment Screen Grab by Liberty

The first challenge the app gives you, is to pick up your phone less than 41 times in a day. It allows you to tell your friends that you are putting your phone down, by posting on social media for you

Moment Screen Grab 2 by Liberty
Moment Screen Grab 3 by Liberty