We have a problem here at WBKR and, pardon the pun, we're airing it out today.  And I have a hunch we are not alone.  But why do people treat restrooms at their workplaces differently than they treat their restrooms at home?

I ask myself this question every single day I walk into the men's room at the WBKR studios.  I ask myself this question because this is the kind of stuff I see . . .

Now, let's really break this down and analyze what's happening here. Let's channel Nancy Grace and try to come up with the motive that led to this crime scene.

First of all, we have established quite clearly that the men in our building have not mastered how to use the toilet paper roll holder.  It's an even more interesting dynamic when you consider that primitive man once figured out how to make a wheel and start a fire.  We seemingly have fallen short of the evolutionary expectations laid out for us by our ancestors.  I hope none of my male coworkers are planning on auditioning for the television show Survivor.  That game's full of puzzle challenges and our tribe's gonna be screwed!

And if you think THAT'S bad . . . check out THIS photo!

We are so bad at replacing the toilet paper rolls that we decided to just leave the roll in the floor.  I mean, it's true, I suppose.  We don't have a Squatty Potty at the office, but if you have to reach down and across the floor to try and squeeze the generic Charmin, that's helpful, right?  It's exercise.

And we're not even tackling the issue of the TP wrapper up top that's doing Pure Barre or those empty rolls that can't seem to find their way into the gigantic 13-gallon trash can that sits by the door.  Now, I'll confess it.  I have had a hernia surgery and I don't like to lift things either for fear that my reparative mesh is going to rip in half, throw a kink in my intestines and send me back to unfortunate turn-your-head-and-cough exam. But, we're talking about a wrapper that weighs about as much as a gnat.  You don't have to be able to bench press a Chevy to be able to pick up a wrapper or cardboard cylinder that once housed a really cheap 2-ply.

Now, Brett will tell you that I'm just being a drama queen and that this doesn't matter.  In fact, his exact words were, "Who cares?"

My answer to that is this.  If this was the public restroom at the sketchy rest stop on the interstate, I wouldn't care . . . because I would expect it.  But this is the place I work and it's a business.  And I would like guests who need to use our facilities to feel comfortable and clean.  I would hate for someone to go to drop trou in our men's room and feel like they're using that outhouse in Slumdog Millionaire.

Does this happen at your work place?  Please!  Share your stories with us.  Come on!  Air it out.  Especially if you're feeling flush.