God builds our faith by answering our prayers.  So I took a chance by requesting a rainbow.

The weather has been so beautiful lately, and my family and I have been spending every chance we get outdoors.  I love seeing the flowers blooming and hearing the birds singing, and I am starting to enjoy watching those cute squirrels, even if they are eating my sweet corn.  Last weekend, the sun was just beginning to set and the sky was half bright blue and half stormy gray.  As we played in the yard, big, fat raindrops began to plop on our heads.  The kids squealed with delight, and I was in awe of the colors and combinations that God can create with His vast sky.  I gazed upward and said a silent prayer, “Oh great God!  Thank you for allowing us to witness Your creativity on display.  We are humbled by this sweet rain coupled with this beautiful sunset.  If it is Your will, it would be so neat to see a rainbow tonight.  I praise You for these precious moments.  Amen.”

A few minutes later, I looked up above the roof line of our home and there was a ribbon of color reflecting off the clouds.  Though some might say it was a coincidence, I believe that God heard my little prayer and granted my request because He knew that this small gesture on His part would bolster the faith and love that I have for Him.  I excitedly called over my children and husband to witness this miracle of God’s nature with me.

Jesus taught his disciples, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” (Matthew 21:22 NIV).

As I recognize answered prayers, my belief grows.  The more that I turn my thoughts to God, the more that I notice and appreciate His generosity around me, and the more that I pray to Him with the confidence that He hears me, the more answered prayers that I receive.  God wants to be in communication with us.  Praise God!