I don't think AAA offers this kind of roadside assistance.

Baby Delivered on Schutte Road Just Off the University of Southern Indiana Campus

It was anything but a routine morning on Wednesday at the University of Southern Indiana campus for Public Safety Sergeant Jonathan Hancock. Just after 7:00 AM, a call came in about a woman in need of medical assistance just off the Lloyd Expressway on the side of Schutte Road which runs along the east side edge of campus. Sgt. Hancock jumped in his vehicle and made his way to the scene. There he found a woman from Illinois who was in labor and trying to make her way to an Evansville hospital to give birth. The problem was, the baby wasn't willing to wait that long. It was ready right at that moment whether anyone else was or not.

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Thankfully for both the mother and the baby, Sgt. Hancock had 14 years of experience as an EMT and knew what needed to be done. He called for assistance from other first responders in the area and began preparing the less-than-ideal scene for the miracle of childbirth.

Labour childbirth - breathing exercises
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Deputies from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office and personnel from the nearby Perry Township Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene and began to assist Sgt. Hancock while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. By the time the ambulance arrived, the baby had already made his grand entrance into the world. Both he and his mother were taken to the hospital where they are reportedly doing well, according to a news release from USI.

My hat's off to Sgt. Hancock and the first responders who arrived on the scene. I was in the room for both my kids' births 18 and 16 years ago and was asked by our doctor if I wanted a "courtside seat," so to speak, for their arrivals. I passed both times and chose to stay up by my wife's head instead, so I don't think there's any way I would have been able to do what Sgt. Hancock did if I found myself in his situation. Thankfully, he was there and I wasn't.

Great job, Sergeant as well as the others who assisted! You were truly heroes to this woman and her child when they needed you and I imagine it's a moment none of you will ever forget.

[Source: University of Southern Indiana]

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