Something  I know nothing about , ( guess Kathy has kept me sheltered all these years) is the Baby Shower.  After reading an article about baby shower games the other day I heard from several listeners asking for my list so they could use a few of the games. I began to wonder if I was not alone in my lack of knowledge on baby showers so I did some research.

A few key strokes and Google presented me with tons of free info. (I love the internet).

Below are just a few of the games recommended. Some seem to be.......interesting at best.

Guess How Big She Is?

Yes, people try to guess how big the pregnant lady is. People tear off as much toilet paper they think will go around her belly. Way to make her feel even more ginormous than she already is.

What Baby Food Is It?

In this one, you blindfold the mama-to-be and have her take bites of baby food and guess what it is. Not only will this possibly make her puke, she can't even wash it down with the mimosas and wine everyone else is getting to drink while they laugh at her.

Dirty Diapers

Get 5-8 different chocolate candy bars, put each in a cloth diaper and melt them in the microwave. Have each guest guess what candy bars they were originally! The guest with the most right (without tasting them!) wins.

Body Parts x3

Have your guests name all parts of the body that only have 3 letters in them. The guest with the most correct answers wins. Answers: arm, lid, leg, rib, hip, gum, jaw, lip, toe, eye and ear.

Feed the Baby

This is if you have a co-ed shower.  Fill bottles with milk. The men at the party sit on their respective ladies' laps. Each woman has to feed their "baby" a bottle. The "baby" who finished their bottle first wins.

These ideas and many others are available in books, from local gift stores, and on the net at websites such as:,,, and many others.

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