With Easter right around the corner, many parents will be purchasing sweet little animals like bunnies and ducklings to present to their children on Easter morning. Some people have legitimately thought long and hard about the decision to add a new family member and have completed research on how to care for the animal properly but in many cases, a set of long ears or a chirp chirp is all it takes to convince someone to take an animal home. So, if you are thinking about getting a rabbit or chick or duckling for Easter, please read this first.

  • Rabbits are not always cute and cuddly. They require training like any other animal and small children can hurt them.
  • Rabbits can be litter trained and can walk on a leash.
  • You'll need to get your rabbit spayed or neutered even if they will live alone.
  • Rabbits are a 5-15 year commitment.
  • Rabbits are social and need other rabbits or will become depressed.
  • Rabbits need special food - not just carrots from the fridge.
  • Ducklings and chicks can't live inside past a certain age and will require outside housing. Check to see if you live in an area that accepts livestock.
  • Both ducks and chickens can produce eggs -- but again do your research and provide proper housing, food, pen and mates.
  • Adult chickens and ducks can be aggressive.
  • Chickens and ducks can't be litter trained. Ew...

There are several domesticated rabbits available for adoption at the local humane societies and do need good homes and local livestock supply stores always have the cutest little birdies this time of year but it's best to educate yourself before purchasing an animal on a whim. They can make fantastic pets but be aware of what you are getting yourself into before committing.

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Posted by MORE MAKES MERRY on Monday, February 15, 2016