If you're truly looking for a path less traveled, there is one in Missouri you need to consider. It's been named one of the best off-the-beaten path parks in the state and I'm convinced that's not wrong as it's full of streams and waterfalls.

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Are you familiar with Engelmann Woods Natural Area? It's a heavily-forested area just west of St. Louis that the Missouri Department of Conservation describes as "a rich forest community that rewards visitors with a variety of natural treats, depending on the season". That's right on as the hiking trails through this less-visited part of Missouri is...gorgeous.

Only In Your State recently named Engelmann Woods Natural Area as one of the best off-the-beaten path parks in Missouri. The state says it has "excellent hiking trail conveys trekkers through both the higher ridges and low-laying creek beds of the area". The map they shared shows this isn't a large area, but it is easily-accessible and really doesn't have a bad season.

Engelmann Woods Natural Area has a great reputation for being a prime bird-watching area if you're a fan of our feathered friends.

This is another one of those place in Missouri you don't hear about very often that is more than worth the time to check out next time you'd like to walk where lots of other people haven't.

Make sure to check out the Missouri Department of Conservation's site for more details about this highly-underrated place.

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