This week on Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe my hubby and I are talking about blended families. We married 23 years ago and blended both of our families together! We share what it’s like to blend seven children, a few dogs and cats together and still maintain a wonderful relationship based on putting God first!

We both wanted to give some insight into our marriage and how we blended our families together. Hopefully our story will encourage other blended families who may be struggling or wondering how to do this. We are not claiming to know or have all the answers about blended families, but we can certainly share our personal experiences and just maybe this will help other families in the same situation.

Blending families together can get really messy as everything and everyone is stirred together in an industrial blender. And, at the same time, blending families together for God's purposes is a beautiful transformation that is so unique and holy. Hope you enjoy our conversation as we get real on the radio.

Family Candice Wedding

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