"I got tooth problems, that's the human in me." 

Jessie McDaniel might have not taken a DNA test, but she's still 100% that b!tch. Not even wisdom teeth removal surgery could keep Jessie from singing along to Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" AKA the anthem of the year. She took to Facebook to share her hilarious video and agreed to allow us to continue sharing it with the world.

***WARNING*** Jessie does say the B-word in the clip, so if you have littles around, you might want to keep the volume down.


As if it wasn't already clear, Jessie is still under the influence of some anesthesia during the recording. However, she still didn't miss a word! Jessie, thanks for allowing us to share this with the world. We sincerely hope Lizzo herself catches on and acknowledges your undying devotion and talent.

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