This is really funny!  My friend Marybeth Carrico has a rather precocious nephew named Aiden, who decided to leave Santa something a little less inviting than a plate of cookies.  Aiden, who is concerned that Santa does a lot of "breaking and entering" on Christmas Eve, set up his Army action figures and left Santa a note suggesting that he surrender.

Marybeth Carrico/Facebook
Marybeth Carrico/Facebook

Yes!  The letter kindly suggests that Santa Claus surrender to the U.S. Army.  LOL!  And I love that Aiden ended his letter with "Best of wishes."  I have a hunch Santa may have preferred some cookies and milk . . . rather than the surprise of being caught in the scopes of various rifles from Army action figures.

But Aiden does have a point.  Santa definitely does a lot of breaking and entering each year.  This young man just wanted the big guy know that he's on to him.

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