I belong to the group Skinnytaste on Facebook. It's a place where I can get and share healthy recipes with a community of people who also pass out when they watch food videos that use a pound of butter, six cups of sugar, and a coating of lard just to top it all off. I love the group and the page. But, today I noticed a post from a member that made me go, HMMM...

She asked: Does anyone else write "Don't Eat" with your current weight on bad foods in the house so you're not going to eat it?"

Some people really liked the idea where others... well, not so much.

One user said, "That's not a healthy way to look at food." Another said, "Demonizing food is not the way to go, especially if you have kids in the house."

Then others added in other tips like:

  • I just don't buy it. Then I can't eat it.
  • I have written the number of points/calories on the outside to remind myself what and how much to eat.
  • I put a photo of myself on the fridge to remind myself where I want to be.

I think ONLY buying healthy food and snack with an occasional treat is the way to go but we also live in the real world. So, I want to know, what are your tips and tricks to losing weight?


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