I had a cat named Austin when I was in high school and then for the first couple of years of college. Austin was hilarious because, at times, he'd act like a dog.


Whenever it was time to eat, I'd just go out in the front yard and whistle and yell his name and he'd come running.

After a while, I'd could get him to come home even if there wasn't food in the bowl. And he always fell for it, because, you know, what if THERE was food in the bowl?

Now, I'm not sure Austin would have gone in for what the cat in this video does. Actually, I'm sure he wouldn't. One day, a friend of mine rode his skateboard down to the house while I was outside. Austin jumped off the porch onto the skateboard. When it moved, he freaked out and jumped off.

So, no, there wouldn't have been anything happening with Austin like what we see here. But it IS cool that the cat in this viral video--named Didga--does resemble Austin a great deal.

So, let's do it. Let's ride with Didga:



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