The Kentucky Derby brings celebrities to the Commonwealth like nothing else. The biggest names in movies, music, television, sports, name it. They carve out the first weekend in May for a trip to Louisville and Churchill Downs.

I remember seeing representatives from Hollywood's Golden Age like Bette Davis back in the day. When Bob Hope attended back in the 1950s, he made a pitstop at the hospital where my mother was a student nurse. He was visiting a patient and Mom got to meet him.

Desi Arnaz, a racehorse enthusiast, often made Derby appearances with then-wife, Lucille Ball.

Meet Desi and Lucy...I Mean, Jeff and Carrie Ketterman

In 2024, Lucy was back to enjoy the festivities--sort of. Jeff and Carrie Ketterman live a celebratory lifestyle. You might as well if you attend events dressed as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. As it says on their website,

modern day Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Jeff and Carrie Ketterman's host TEA parties at The Old Capitol Tea Room, TRAVEL in The Not So Long Trailer, ENTERTAIN with two bands Rosie & the Rockabillies and The Tin Pan Alley Cats, create ART and share our LIFESTYLE.

By the way, "The Not So Long Trailer" is the name of the Facebook page where Jeff and Carrie post images of their appearances. They are always a hit.

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And they certainly were at the 150th Kentucky Derby this weekend, where they were celebrating the rich history of the Derby in full impressive period costumes.

You can also count me among the very impressed. And I bet if the comedy icon Carrie Ketterman so expertly impersonates were still with us, she would be, too.

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