It's not what it sounds like, but the CDC confirms that the Kissing Bug is in Kentucky.  And, no.  You don't get it from kissing.  That's got to be a relief, right?  But this won't be.  The Kissing Bug gets its name because they actually "kiss" you.  But trust us.  You won't want them to.

Kissing Bugs are known to bite people near their mouths because they are drawn to the carbon dioxide you exhale.  Making matters worse . . . Kissing Bugs are blood suckers and can carry Chagas Disease.  What's that?  Well, here!  Take a look . . .

Here's the good news.  Kissing Bugs are pretty uncommon and chances are that you'll never encounter one.  The bad news . . . they typically bite at night so, if you're sound asleep, you're never gonna see it coming.  And you'll never know what hit you . . . or kissed you.

Here's some more good news.  The majority of people infected will never know it.  They'll be asymptomatic for life.  But, here's some more bad, rather alarming news.  20-30% of people infected will develop severe, even life-threatening symptoms.

The best defense against the Kissing Bug, therefore, is education.  If you'd like to know more about Kissing Bugs and Chagas Disease, visit the CDC's official page about the disease by CLICKING HERE!