Yes!!  Today is National Pizza Day and is helping us celebrate in a big way!  They took the time to research freebies and offers from the nation's most popular pizza chains to save you some dough.  And, yes!  That was a really bad pun.  But, trust me on this.  The pun was worth it because these deals are delicious.  Check 'em out!

(Huntington Beach, CA) A closeup of pepperoni pizza from Domino's Pizza in Huntington Beach.
Robert Lachman/LA Times via Getty Images



Disclaimer: Promotions may vary by location and franchise. Call ahead to ensure these coupons and deals are valid at your local restaurant.

Plus, this is really fun too.  To further celebrate National Pizza Day, polled about 1,000 pizza lovers to find out THE most popular pizza toppings.  No surprise really!  But pepperoni won.

Happy National Pizza Day!!!  Where are you getting pizza today?


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