I believe I see a trend developing in Owensboro. Last month we learned that Wasabi Parrish had closed its doors after barely a year in town.

This week we saw the permanent closure of Krispy Kreme at South Frederica and Southtown Boulevard.

And now, Another Broken Egg inside the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Owensboro is going away.

That hasn't been there very long either.

Of course, there's a difference. We don't yet know what will replace Wasabi Parrish and Krispy Kreme.

We DO know that something called Burger Theory will go into the Another Broken Egg location, according to an Eyewitness News report.

Now, I've never heard of Burger Theory but it does have other locations in mostly major metropolitan areas like Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, and Indianapolis where it doesn't open UNTIL the afternoon.

In its smaller markets like Decatur IL, Bloomington IN, and Paducah, it CLOSES about that time, just like Another Broken Egg.

I'm guessing that will be the case in Owensboro based on that information, but I don't know.

Burger Theory will open in Owensboro in mid-March.


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