Cheetah Chase, Holiday World's brand new launched water coaster, officially opens to the public this weekend. Yesterday, Barb and I got to head over to the park for a special sneak preview of Splashin' Safari's new attraction.  Cheetah Chase is the world's first launched water coaster and pits two boats against each other on the course.  "Chase" essentially means "race" and the competitive aspect just heightens the thrills of the ride.  This thing is SO MUCH FUN!  Here's a look at the ride from the right side.  This is exactly what it looks like from the POV of the riders.

Cheetah Chase officially opens to the public on Saturday, July 4th, when Splashin' Safari opens for the season.  Today, the ride is open to season pass holders at the park.  Barb and I think you are going to love it.  We rode it about twenty consecutive times yesterday and, at times, enjoyed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  But on Cheetah Chase even losing was a water-logged blast!

To learn more about Holiday World and Splashin' Safari's 2020 operating season, CLICK HERE!

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The Cheetah Chase

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