Today is the first day of school for a lot of students in the WBKR listening area.  So, Barb and I decided to honor the tradition of posting school pics on social media by sharing a couple of our school photos from "back in the day."  So, here we go!

Here are a couple of photos of Barb!


LOL!  I was fully prepared to make fun of Barb for her completely jacked up hair.  I mean, did the Flowbee short circuit?  Did her mom drag out to the back yard and trim her hair with a weed eater?  Did she lean over into the sink too far and get snagged and tangled up in the garbage disposal.  Yes, I was full prepared to ask these questions, but, then, I saw MY 2nd grade photos.


That hair???!!!!  OMG!!  I mean, I know my ears were relatively large for my age, but did we need to use my hair to cover them?  And I don't remember being attacked by a leopard in elementary school, but let's talk about that jaguar scratch across my face.  And what's up with those backgrounds?  Did Olan Mills raid Thruston Elementary School and why am I always photographed against the backdrop of tragic fake woods?

So many questions.  Such hilarious photos.  And, just think, kids.  This could and likely WILL happen to you.  So, happy first day of school.  You got this.

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