The 34th annual WOMI/WBKR Telecom Pioneers Christmas Wish may be the one that pushes the program over the edge. With the economy the way it is the perfect storm may exist. Many people are out of a job and in need of help and others, who have jobs, are just squeaking by and don't have the funds to help.

We certainly see the need with over 1,100 requests for help. The question now is, "Will there be enough time to find a way to answer the majority of those letters?". WOMI listeners have been very generous in the past with cash, donations of gifts and volunteering time and resources. The need is great and any way you can help is appreciated.

One way we are helping on 1490 WOMI is by giving an incentive to those who contribute at least $20.


While they last, listeners will get a free copy of the latest "Chicken Soup" book. The book is entitled Christmas Magic and Features 101 Holiday Tales of Inspiration, Love and Wonder. For more information about the book click here.

All WOMI listeners have to do is stop by the WOMI studios during business hours and make their donation of at least $20 and pick up the book. We only have a few and when they are gone there are no more so I encourage you to stop by today.

The WOMI/WBKR studios are located at 3301 Frederica St. Owensboro. For directions to our studios, click here.

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