I spent a lot of time emceeing events around Kentucky for a few cheer and dance circuits.  I announce events for KDCO, KHSAA and LIT.  That season typically fires up in November and runs through late February or early March.  It's a blast and I have the opportunity to make friends from dance and cheer teams all over the state.

I spend a lot of my time at events out of town.  Those events are the most fun when teams from this area show up to compete.  On the middle school circuit, one of my favorites teams to help cheer on is the College View Middle School Vikettes.  Look, all the teams have devoted dance moms and dance dads.  But know this!  There aren't many teams that can compete with the team spirit of the Vikettes.  Their fans come decked out in College View Middle School colors.  They bring signs, noisemakers and overflowing amounts of team pride.  Trust me.  You know when the Vikettes are in the house and when the team's on the floor.

So, I am thrilled to be able to share this news with you.  The Vikettes just announced a dance camp.  It's coming up later this summer and the team shared info on social media this week.

This morning, Vikettes coach Megan Brannon joined me on the show to chat about the camp and tell you how to get your tiny dancer signed up.

The camp is set for 9am to Noon on Saturday, August 7th, but registrations are open now.  To get your dancer signed up, simply scan the QR code above.



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