Psych’ fans have had plenty to celebrate at Comic-Con 2013, from the long-awaited premiere of the musical episode, to the Ballroom 20 panel and teases of the eighth season to come. We were on hand to hear what the ‘Psych’ cast and crew had to say, so what do ‘Psych’-O’s have to look forward to in 2014? Do we finally know if ‘Psych’ season 8 will be the last?

Sadly, there was no update on the status of a final season, or even when the musical episode might officially premiere in 2014.  USA brass did have one major tidbit to offer however, that fans have officially chosen the “Dream Therapist” pitch for one of the two added episodes added to the eighth season! Before shooting however, the episode will undergo a retitling to a 'Nightmare On Elm Street' parody.

Another major announcement in addition to the return of fan-favorite Pierre Despereaux (moderator Cary Elwes), an episode of the coming season will parody 'Harry Potter,' Guy Ritchie movies, and travel to London in one fell swoop! The gang also remade one of the early season episodes, incorporating a number of past ‘Psych’ players!

We did manage to catch a few tidbits of the musical episode, and collectively rejoice as both series star James Roday and producer Steve Franks finally joined Twitter! Far and away, the cutest moment of the panel came when a young girl asking fan questions led the cast in her own rendition of the iconic “suck it!”

We’ll see more from ‘Psych’ season 8 in the coming weeks, hopefully a premiere date, but what say you? What are you most hoping to see from the show’s (potentially) final season?

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