I vividly remember the first time I took the ACT in high school.  I picked my friend Rob up at his house.  We had appointments to take the test on the same day, so I swung by the Agnew's on the way to Owensboro Catholic High, where the test was being administered.  I had horrid allergies (hay fever) when I was a teenager and was having a massive allergy attack when I walked into Rob's house.  His mom offered me some Benadryl, which I took because I was having miserable sneezing fits (and my eyes were swollen) and I wanted to be sure I was going to be able to concentrate during the test. What I failed to remember was the fact that, for me, Benadryl is basically a sedative.  Within minutes of sitting down to take the ACT, I fell asleep.  Head on the desk.  Drooling on the test.  OUT.  COLD. Needless to say, a few weeks later, I had to take the test again.  LOL!  No Benadryl.  And I got a really good score.

But it wasn't this good.  I am certainly no Hope Ramming.  The Daviess County High School junior just received her ACT test results and guess what?  She got a PERFECT score of 36.  Okay, in case you've never had experience with any form of standardized college entrance exam, that's both impressive and rare.  It's an absolutely astonishing feat and only a handful of students get to make that claim.

But it's no surprise really that Hope aced the ACT.  In so many ways, she's a scholastic standout and has been working toward a milestone like this for years.  I mean, just look at her high school resume.  It pretty much sums up the drive this young lady has.  She's involved in the National Honor Society, Academic Team, Future Problem Solvers, Y Club, 4-H, the FFA and the Wendell Ford Statesmanship Academy.

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In addition to her killer ACT score, Hope has also scored two 5s on AP exams and five, no surprise, is the highest score possible.  While there's no doubt that she is an academic standout, Hope is an incredibly well-rounded young lady.  Her hobbies include reading, horses, roller skating, sewing, agriculture and Marvel movies.

For now, Hope is exploring all of her higher education opportunities.  With an ACT score of 36, there are going to be plenty of offers.  But, for now, she is still leaning toward studying forensic science at Eastern Kentucky University.

Also, a side note and important follow-up to this story.  Hope is the first DCHS student in three years to score a perfect 36 on the ACT, but scores from other local juniors are still coming in.  Who knows?  There may be another.  And, actually, there was.  Hope's friend Hunter Wimsatt, who attends Gatton Academy, also landed a 36 this year.
Incredible work and endless promise from these two local teens.
Here's Hope's interview from the morning show today here on WBKR.

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