The community is mourning the loss of a 40-year-old mother. Meghan Anne Spurrier passed away suddenly on February 4th. She leaves behind a grieving family, including four young children.

I met Meghan years ago when she stopped by the radio station with her daughter. She was so kind, and I could tell how much her family meant to her. Every time I saw her she always had a big smile on her face because I don't think much got her down. It was awesome to see her living her best life on social media. Showing off her kiddos always put a smile on my face. Especially, when she posted her newest daughter, Elowen.

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Spurrier Family
Spurrier Family

At the time of her death, Meghan was happy to be bringing her new baby home. She gave birth to her sweet Elowen on January 25th, 2022. She was born four weeks early and was admitted to the NICU for observation. Meghan took to social media to keep us updated.

"Hey, world! Sweet Elowen is keeping this Mama busy here in the NICU. This means Daddy is being Super Dad taking care of everyone else and still finding time to visit his newest lady. Say some prayers please that her issues resolve themselves and that it all holds together while we spend our time in this hospital.", Meghan posted

Less than a week after that post, mom and baby were set to come home. The excitement could be felt, not only at the hospital but at the Spurrier home. It's what they'd been waiting for. To have the entire family together for the very time since Elowen's birth.

On February, 3rd Meghan shared her excitement, "Elowen and I will be snuggling the day away. This girl just loves to eat, sleep, and snuggle! We hopefully get to go home this weekend sometime!!! Thank you all for the love and prayers!! Keep the prayers coming for health! Xoxo"

Prayers were answered, Elowen was discharged the next day from the hospital. What should have been the most joyful experience turned into a huge tragedy. Life was about to change forever for this beautiful family. Just hours later, Meghan complained that she couldn't catch her breath.

Her husband Wes explains, "She got to come home with Elowen from the hospital on Friday after lunch. She complained around 4 pm to me that she couldn’t catch her breath. I called 911. She was alert when she was taken out of the house. She coded on the way to the hospital. They worked on her for over 3 hours at the hospital and never got more than a faint heartbeat. After 3.5 hrs hours at the ER, we lost her."

"She had a clot that ended her life.", Wes added

Her beautiful life, dreams, and passions were tragically cut short. She had so much more to give. Many have described Meghan as someone who never knew a stranger, a fiercely loyal friend to many, and very kind with a deep-rooted love for her family. Meg is survived by her husband Wes and her four children, Magnolia, Rowan, Iris, and Elowen.

Please keep this family in your prayers. Wes recently shared this with me, "It's just tough with 3 big kids and a 2-week old baby to take care of alone. But, we'll thrive because of our awesome community"

If you want to help the family, here are a few ways you can.

Spurrier Family
Spurrier Family

Magnolia, Meg’s oldest daughter, has played hockey for 4 years, and this past season joined the Puckhogs Peewee Travel Team. The Owensboro Youth Hockey Association is hosting a benefit for the family on Sunday, February 13th, 2022. They want to "Pack the Rink" in honor of Meghan.

Help us Pack the Rink this Sunday, February 13th to honor Meghan Spurrier, and cheer on her daughter Magnolia, and the rest of the Puckhogs in their final home games of the season.

The game is at Edge Ice Center, 1400 Hickman Ave, Owensboro, Ky 42301, and admission is free.

There's also a GoFundMe set up for the family.

Donations can also be made to the “Benefit of the Spurrier Children” fund through Independence Bank, 2425 Frederica Street, Owensboro, KY 42301.

Tributes Pour in for Meghan Spurrier

The Owensboro community is mourning the loss of a 40-year-old mother. Meghan Anne Spurrier passed away suddenly on February 4th. She leaves behind a grieving family, including four young children.

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