You probably don't recognize Justin Schoenefeld's name like you do Lilly King's. The Lawrenceville, Indiana native is one of only three Hoosiers competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics. But, thanks to his clutch performance in the Winter Olympic's newest event, his name will go in the history books as the first Hoosier to accomplish what no other Hoosier athlete has ever done in the history of the games.

On Thursday, Justin and his Team USA teammates, Ashley Caldwell of Maryland, who also happens to be Justin's girlfriend, and Christopher Lillis of New York competed in the finals of the Mixed Team Aerials event. The event made its debut at this year's games and features teams of three taking turns performing flips and twists off a large ramp at the bottom of a hill. Each skier's performance is scored individually with the winning team decided by the three scores combined.

The team from the host country, China was the favorite to win the event. However, a missed landing on the part of one of their skiers opened the door for either Team USA or Team Canada to take the top spot.

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Team USA held a slim lead over China for first place after Caldwell and Lillis's final attempts, leaving it up to Justin to lock it down. And lock it down he did with this incredible jump.

I don't know how these athletes can keep their bearings straight after all those flips and twists, but it's awesome to watch.

Congrats to Team USA on their huge win, and way to go, Justin! Way to represent the Hoosier state!

[Source: NBC Olympics / NBC Olympics on Twitter]

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