The Daviess County Public Schools district will participate in the federally funded Summer Food

Daviess County Public Schools

Service Program for children and youth age 19 and younger. 

The Summer Food Service Program is designed to fill the nutrition gap that may exist for children who receive nutritious breakfast and lunch through the free and reduced-price programs at school, but who may not have access to a quality meal when school is not in session.  

All children are invited to participate and each will be served the same meal at no charge regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicap.  The attachment lists the various site and times/dates of operation.  Location and schedule are subject to change; for current information, please call the specific sites. 

For additional information, contact Lisa Sims, DCPS director of food services and school nutrition, at (270) 852-7000 or


 Here are the locations and times for this summer's programs:

Apollo High School2280 Tamarack Rd6/24 - 6/2911:30Lunch2:30Snack  
Apollo High School2280 Tamarack Rd6/4 - 6/1511:30Lunch2:30Snack  
Apollo High School2280 Tamarack Rd5/29 - 6/112:00Lunch    
Bellevue Baptist Church4950 State Rt 566/11 - 6/1412:30Lunch    
Boy ScoutsYellow Creek Park6/18 - 6/228:30Breakfast12:00Lunch  
Center for Bus. & Research1010 Allen St.7/2 - 7/1311:30Lunch2:30Snack  
Christ Community Church1220 Center Street6/5 - 6/812:00Lunch    
Boys & Girls Club3415 Buckland Square5/29 - 7/2712:00Lunch3:30Snack  
Boys & Girls Club2130A East 19th St.5/29 - 7/2712:00Lunch3:00Snack  
Daviess County High School4255 New Hartford Rd.6/18 - 6/228:00Breakfast11:00Lunch  
Daviess County High School4255 New Hartford Rd.7/16 - 7/2711:30Lunch    
Dawson Baptist Church5880 Hwy 547/9 - 7/135:30Dinner    
Dugan Best1003 Omega St.5/23 - 8/312:00Lunch4:00Snack  
East View Elementary6104 Hwy 4058/2/20125:30Dinner    
First General Baptist Church620 Maple St.6/11 - 6/1511:30Lunch    
Fourth Street Baptist821 West 4th6/11 - 6/156:00Dinner    
Girls Incorporated2130 G East 19th5/23 - 8/311:30Lunch3:00Snack  
Harry Smith Comm. Center316 Hale Avenue5/23-8/39:00Breakfast12:00Lunch  
Zion Baptist Church-Girls Inc.625 Allen Street5/23 - 8/311:30Lunch3:00Snack  
Karns Grove Baptist Church6371 Karns Grove Road7/23 - 7/276:00Dinner    
Lewis Lane Baptist Church2600 Lewis Lane7/8 - 7/126:00Dinner    
Moreland Park1215 Hickman Ave.6/21/20124:00Dinner    
Meadow Lands Elementary3500 Hayden Road6/26 - 6/288:00Breakfast11:30Lunch  
Nannie Locke Comm. Center805 Jackson St.5/23-8/39:00Breakfast12:00Lunch  
Owensboro Christian Church2818 New Hartford Road6/25 - 6/2812:00Lunch    
Owensbor Christian Church (YMCA)2818 New Hartford Road5/29 - 8/311:00Lunch3:00Snack  
Owensboro Comm College4800 New Hartford Road6/25 - 6/2911:30Lunch2:30Snack  
YMCA Kindercamp900 Kentucky Parkway5/29 - 8/311:00Lunch3:00Snack  
Mary Kendall Home-(YMCA)1512 Frederica5/29 - 8/311:00Lunch3:00Snack  
National Guard Armory-(YMCA)1 Bullfrog Way5/29 - 8/311:00Lunch3:00Snack  
P.G. Walker Comm. Center715 Sycamore St.5/23-8/39:00Breakfast12:00Lunch  
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church5664 Hwy 566/25 - 6/2912:00Lunch    
Salvation Army215 Ewing Road5/23 - 8/38:30Breakfast11:30Lunch  
Sorgho Elementary5390 Ky Hwy566/4 - 6/812:00Lunch3:00Snack  
Southern Oaks Elementary7525 Hwy 4317/2 - 7/278:00Breakfast11:00Lunch2:00Snack
Southern Oaks Elementary7525 Hwy 4318/2/201211:30Lunch2:30Snack  
St. Mary Magdalene7232 Hwy 567/15 - 7/186:00Dinner    
St. Joseph Peace Mission1328 W. 3rd St.5/23 - 8/311:00Lunch3:00Snack  
Utica Baptist Church415 Hwy 12076/25 - 6/2912:00Lunch    
West Louisville Elementary8400 Hwy 567/26 - 7/2711:15Lunch    
Whitesville Baptist Church10167 Hwy 546/4 - 6/810:45

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