Normally, I am all about breaking me off a piece of a Kit Kat bar.  But, some of these flavors are NASTY!  Did you know that Japan is home to literally hundreds of flavors of Kit Kat bars?  And the flavors are all over the place: wasabi (ugh), lemon vinegar (wretch) and adzuki bean sandwich (let me hurl my face off).  Here's what happens when you take some unsuspecting Americans (who know that the Kit Kat is supposed to chocolate) and give them some random Japanese flavors to try.  This is pretty hilarious and pretty gross.

Oh wait.  BuzzFeed didn't give us just one video of taste tests, they gave us two.

And some other flavors to consider (or not)- buttered potato, soy sauce, blood orange, fruit parfait, corn on the cob and red soup.  If you want to see a semi-complete list of flavors, CLICK HERE!

I am a pretty adventurous eater, but, in the case, I'll just say "Uh no".  Break me off a piece of a Rolaid.