Coffee lovers this will be news to your caffeine craving taste buds.  Research has proved they can be found in a lot of everyday foods and it is perfectly legal.

I'm sorry, Angel here, is anyone else panicked right now.  When I told Chad this he never even flinched.  He said "I'm not surprised" WAIT WHAT!?  I am and maybe I am just a tad bit naive which I'm sure is no shock to anyone reading this story.

Now here's the good news if you always drink coffee from freshly ground beans then you are probably ok.   The cockroaches according to Rapid Pest Solutions;

The FDA's own studies show that up to 10% of green coffee beans (and sometimes more) become infested with roaches and other insects. They are unable to process them out completely so they just get roasted and ground up with the beans. It is a well known fact the the FDA allows a certain amount of bug parts in our food as long as it doesn’t exceed a certain percentage. (how lucky are we?) If you’re like me and most other Americans, we get grossed out by the idea of eating bugs.

If you have ever lived in a house and found cockroaches congregating around the coffee pot or tin it is not necessarily because they like the smell of coffee they love the energy the ground-up beans give them.  In fact, coffee grounds have been found to repel roaches.  Weird right?  Coffee can actually kill roaches.  So they aren't lethal but if used right they can kill them.  It is more of a DIY method for your home.  I read multiple insect control websites where they tell you to take the coffee grounds and place them in a jar or cup with water and the roaches will crawl inside trying to smell the aroma and they will drown.   Another contradictory way to use coffee to get rid of roaches is to sprinkle the grounds on the outside of your home.   Apparently, the grounds repel the roaches from entering.

The cold, hard truth is a most of the foods we consume have insects in them to a degree that cannot be helped.


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