Hello.  My name is Chad.  And my hair is thinning by the day.

In fact, my hair is so thin it looks like it's been doing boot camp at the Owensboro Family YMCA.  My hair's so thin it looks like I shampoo with crushed up Dexatrim.  My hair's had so much success in shedding its weight and trimming down that Oprah invited it to sit beside her in the next Weight Watchers commercial.

Now, I'm kinda of okay with this really.  I'm not too self-conscious about it.  Sure, my forehead gets bigger every day and I'm convinced that by the time the Summer of 2017 rolls around, the Holiday Drive-Inn in Reo will be showing double features on it. But I would possibly entertain proven methods of restoring hair growth.

And, alas, there is hope!  Nashville Kat mentioned to me that Castor Oil is rumored to make hair grow.  She actually uses it on her eyebrows and has had moderate success.  Of course, in her situation "moderate" success is really all one should strive for.  I mean, if it worked too well, she'd have caterpillars crawling across her face and predicting weather patterns. Nobody wants that going on.

But, according to Kat, and some other articles online, it appears that Castor Oil really may have the power to grow hair.  Check out this YouTube video.  Fran Scott put her hair to the 90-Day Challenge and had amazing results.

Did you see that?  Fran's hair has had over 1,500,000 views!  That's remarkable for two reasons: #1- I'm clearly not alone and #2- Castor Oil must really work.

According to Fran, she used an applicator bottle to put Castor Oil on her scalp three to four times per week and she left it on . . . didn't wash it out.  And you can see from the video, she actually grew hair.  OMG!!!  There's hope!!

Now, I must confess.  I do have some reservations.  The first is, well, Castor Oil stinks.  And I really don't want to have stray cats following me every time I walk outdoors.  Second, I don't want to look greasy and like I haven't washed my hair in 15 months.  If the top of my head looks like the interior of a salad bowl at Olive Garden, we're going to have a problem.  And third, I don't want to grow TOO much hair.  If I start to sprout hair like I'm sitting at the Play Doh Hair Salon, I'm gonna come unglued.  I have seen Chia Pets and I don't want to grow four leaf clovers out of my skull, thank you!

So, I'm thinking about it.  I'm thinking about putting this 90-Day Castor Oil Challenge to the test.  We'll see how many days I . . . and my hair . . . last.